Logo Design

Your logo is much more than your company’s signature, it resides at the core of your business identity! Getting it done correctly is imperative to growing your business. Equally, a mundane logo is just in need of a revamp, fortunately, Online Cloud 9 can help you with both!

At Online Cloud 9, we’ve created a lot of bespoke logos over the years, creating a unique identity for our clientele. Our team offers a bespoke logo design to make you relevant among your customers.

We believe that a logo is a symbolic demonstration of your ideas and goals, so consistency across your business symbol endorses a truly professional corporate image.

Why You Must Go for Our Specialization in Logo Design

Offering a Leverage

A logo is an image that is etched forever in the psyche of your target audience; it is the true essence of your business. A logo made by us builds recognition and trust with your customers. We offer a creative logo can give you the leverage you need to reach a level that’s ahead of your competitors.

Combined Effort

At Online Cloud 9, we strive to work with our clients collaboratively to create great logos that complement their brands and actually drive brand awareness. As a digital agency, we implement our logo design operations applying a number of diverse ideas, and nothing is finalized without your approval.

Targeting the Right Market

Our team of designers nurtures your logo design ensuring it stays steady across all platforms. We inject a fresh lease of life into existing logo, identifying and growing key areas of limitations so that your business can recover the lost strength, or we can put together a refreshing new logo from scratch to target the right market that converts your viewers to customers.

How Our Customized Logo Design Process Works

At Online Cloud 9, we take a logo design project very seriously, regardless of the brand and budget. Not only do we spend enormous time and effort in ensuring that your logo looks accurate, we also concentrate on making sure that it puts across the correct information in a succinct and lucid manner to your audience. A perfect logo design workflow should have:

Initial Draft. A logo draft is created so that the output is exceptional and recognizable by users.

Design Finalization. Our designers balance the frequency of your brand values and consumer expectations.

Brand Identification. Designers create the logo to build familiarity among consumers to make your brand proverbial.

Illustration. Logo is entirely designed and colored, flexible enough to look good in design and typography.

Final Output Delivered. The final output is uploaded to your website and in your branding.

Future Revamp. To make the logo retain its individuality and last longer, tweaks and alterations are made whenever necessary.

The in-house creative graphic designers of Online Cloud 9 are always in a zealous pursuit of low-cost logo design solutions that are legible in any device and across print and web. We help clients tailor and convey their messages by innovative thinking, advanced graphic design technology, and by utilizing the talents of our designers. We combine the latest graphic design tech with verified marketing strategies to make your brand surpass every competition.

Want a logo that seems like a quick snapshot of your brand? Call us now or request a quote online.